The pursuit of sustainable and cost-effective solutions in healthcare financing remains an ongoing challenge for employers. While there are a number of avenues employers can explore to reconcile these challenges, there is one solution that stands out from the rest: Self-Funding as a Service. 

SFaaS is revolutionizing how employers approach healthcare funding. My company’s platform, a first of its industry, doesn’t merely offer a service to investors, employers, and consultants, it’s a critical paradigm shift that transforms the conventional landscape of self-funding into a tech-driven, comprehensive option set to tackle the most pressing problems faced by employers today. Here are the top self-funding challenges SFaaS addresses:

Eliminates Rising Costs of Stand-Alone Stop Loss Premiums

One of the core hurdles employers face is the escalating expenses associated with standalone stop-loss premiums. SFaaS platforms tackle this issue by integrating comprehensive solutions that mitigate the impact of rising premiums, allowing employers to maintain control over costs.

Guarantees No Gaps in Coverage

SFaaS provides a safety net, ensuring seamless coverage without any gaps. It streamlines processes, minimizing the risk of coverage lapses, and offering employers peace of mind.

Will Never Apply Lasers at a Renewal

The unpredictability of lasers during renewal can significantly impact employer budgets. SFaaS offers stability by eliminating the application of lasers at renewal, fostering consistent and predictable financial planning.

Gives Groups Total Access to Claims Data & Analytics

Access to robust claims data and analytics is pivotal in making informed decisions. SFaaS platforms empower employers with comprehensive data insights, enabling strategic planning and informed decision-making.

Provides Comprehensive Financial Reporting

Transparent and comprehensive financial reporting is a cornerstone of effective self-funding. With SFaaS, employers have access to detailed and clear financial reports, enabling employers to assess and fine-tune their strategies with precision.

Offers Strategies for Combating Rising Medical & Rx Claims

The surge in medical and prescription claims poses a substantial challenge for employers. SFaaS presents tailored strategies to combat rising claims, equipping employers with effective tools to manage and mitigate these challenges proactively.

Avoids Fee-Based “Cost-Saving” Measures that Don’t Work

Not all cost-saving measures yield effective results. SFaaS focuses on eliminating fee-based approaches that prove ineffective, emphasizing sustainable strategies that genuinely impact cost reduction.

Gets Rid of Renewal Spreadsheets and Unfair Pricing Comparisons

The tedious process of renewal spreadsheets and unfair pricing comparisons becomes obsolete with SFaaS.


SFaaS stands as a transformative solution, reshaping the landscape of self-funding by offering a holistic, tech-driven approach. With my company helping to lead the way, employers find themselves equipped with the resources needed to optimize self-funding strategies, ultimately driving efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and better healthcare outcomes for all involved parties.